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Toyota Landcruiser Prado J150 2017 (Chauffeured) I

Embark on a premium adventure with the 2017 Landcruiser Prado J150, a pinnacle of luxury, comfort, and rugged capability. This SUV, fueled by a commanding 2700cc petrol engine boasting a 0-100 time of 12.5 secs, seamlessly marries opulence with off-road prowess. Indulge in the lavish interior, designed for uncompromised comfort, while the Prado's advanced features elevate the driving experience. Whether navigating urban landscapes or tackling challenging terrains, this vehicle promises a smooth ride. With a harmonious blend of safety, style, and cutting-edge technology, the 2013 Landcruiser Prado J120 is your key to a refined and adventurous journey through Kenya's diverse landscapes. Rent today for a first-class expedition.

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